Tenant Screening

Eye GlassWelcome to our tenant screening service. Many investors and owners are more hands-on and prefer to manage and lease their own properties. Tompkins Management Company provides our tenant screening service À la carte. It is a FREE service we provide to owners, investors, REALTORS®, homeowner and condominium associations. The prospective tenant pays the screening fee.

Screening Applicants is by far the most important aspect in finding the best tenant and preventing headaches.

Many tenants who aren’t creditworthy or who have something to hide avoid property management companies and REALTORS®. They prefer to work with private owners and investors who they think will not run background checks.

Beware of the tenants who do not want you to screen them and avoid accepting credit reports provided by prospective tenants and who refuse to pay the application fee. I have seen situations where the prospective tenants cut and paste their information on someone else’s reports. Would you lend your car to someone you knew who was a repeat DUI offender? Hopefully, you answered “no”, which brings me to my point: “Why would you rent your most valuable assets to someone you know nothing about”?

We offer our clients protection by providing the best tenant screening solutions in South Florida.  We treat all tenants equally and fairly by having a preset Tenant Selections Criteria. We avoid Fair Housing and Discrimination complaints and possible litigation and costly legal fees. Please refer to our rental applications “Tenant Selection Criteria” to learn more.

Property owners might want to have tenant selection criteria for different classes of property. A property owner with a property in Cresthaven might have a unique Credit Score Requirement for a property in Heron Bay or Weston. We can customize our selection criteria to meet your needs.

Here is how it works!

  • Send your application.
  • We run a national eviction and credit report.
  • We run them through a National Criminal Database.
  • We verify income and previous landlord history.
  • An Adverse letter is sent if the applicants fail the criteria.
  • We provide you with copies of the reports.
  • You make the final decision.


  • This is a FREE service provided to Owners, Realtors® and Associations, the prospective tenants pays the application fee
  • It is fast and Easy. We screen your tenants in just a few hours
  • We have screened 1000’s of tenants over the past two decades.
  • We attract and retain the most qualified tenants
  • Limit your exposure to costly lawsuits and fair housing complaints.


Tompkins Management Company provides agents and owners a turn-key tenant screening solution. To learn more, contact our office 954-782-5500