Property Preservation and Maintenance

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Property Preservation and Maintenance


At Tompkins Management, we believe that the ability to solve problems is synonymous to being a good property manager.  Being a good manager starts with having good judgment and people management skills.  Our management team and vendors are well trained to troubleshoot repair request such as a blown circuit breaker or tipped GFI prior to visiting the property. If the repair is due to tenant neglect, then we expect the tenant to pay for the repair.  Our goal to keep the repair cost minimal and to maximize your profit.

Property Preservation and Maintenance is one of the most important aspects of our management duties. Over the past two decades we have established long and trusted relationships with our tradesman. We require our vendors to be licensed and insured. They are required to carry valid Liability and Workman’s Comprehensive Policies for your protection.  .

Over the years we have managed and renovated hundreds of properties in South Florida. Our vendors provide our management team with preferred pricing due to the volume of work they are given.  Our goal is to reduce your vacancy and maximize your profit.

Our Property Managers treat your property as if it was their own. We understand how important it is to keep the cost down. We are looking at the big picture and want to keep you as our client.

When your property needs repair one of our properties managers will inspect your property. We will  prepare and provide you with a written and photo report with our recommendations. We will send out the work order to our vendors for bids. We will obtain your approval prior to commencement of major repairs. Once the repairs are completed we will re inspect to ensure the vendors did all the repairs listed on the work order. We will provide you with the after repair pictures.

Consider this when choosing a Property Management Company

Many companies operate their own maintenance divisions. Whose interest are they looking out? Are they licensed and Insured to perform such work? I believe this to be a conflict of interest. We sub out all work to our trusted 1099 vendors.  We know how to keep them honest.

We At Tompkins Management Co.  want to thank you for considering us for the job of managing one of your most important investments, your home…

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