• Tenant Completes our Online Application
  • We verify tenant identification 
  • We verify tenants income
  • We verify tenants Landlord History
  • We run a national eviction and credit report.
  • We run them through a National Criminal Database.
  • We provide you with copies of the reports.
  • We can customize a screening solution to meet your preset criteria
  • You make the final decision.
  • An Adverse letter is sent if the applicants fail the criteria.


  • Arranging, placement, recording and administering advertising and signage..

  • Advertising and Internet Marketing 

  • Arranging and conducting showings 

  • Keeping you informed of all activity

  • Tenant screening 

  • Negotiating terms w/ prospective renters.

  • Attending the lease closing with tenants, processing of lease including general information, rules and regulations for new tenants.

  • Conduct a the Move-In Inspection




  • Tenant Screening
  • Attending to daily telephone, email & faxes.
  • Timely rent collection.
  • Manager On call 24 -7
  • Attending to payment of various property expenses.
  • Lease enforcement & collection of late rent
  • Prepare and Delivery of legal notices.
  • Attending to correspondence.
  • Organizing inspections, maintenance repairs and quotes.
  • Preparation of of financial statements
  • Electronic funds transfer to your account.

Welcome to Tompkins Management Company website! We specialize in residential and commercial leasing and property management. If your are looking for a property manager in the Fort Lauderdale area. you found us.

Our property managers have over 40 years of experience

Our property management team offers an "arm-chair" management solution.  We will find you a well-qualified tenant to rent  your single-family home, townhouse, villa, condominium or apartment. We offer our highly-rated property management and leasing service throughout Broward, Dade and Palm Beach counties.

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Use our property search site to find your future rental. Our data is updated regularly and you will have access to thousands of unadvertised properties throughout Fort Lauderdale and metros. You can customize a search to meet your specific housing criteria. Find your new home now!





Why partner with us?

Why should you partner with us? Experience! We have been providing our highly-rated service since 1993. Our property management team has over 40 years of combined  property management and leasing experience in Fort Lauderdale and metro cities.

Customized Property Management Solution

We offer our clients a turnkey property management service. What separates us from our competitors? Simply stated, we offer al-a-carte service.  We help you customize a property management solution to meet your specific property management needs, aligned with your budget. You pick the services you need.  

Our property management services include online monthly and annual financial reports, maintenance, property preservation and 24/7 tenant support in case of an emergency. We pride ourselves on having the lowest vacancy rates.


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Leasing your home in Fort Lauderdale or metro cities?

We offer our home-rental management service on an al-a-carte or full-service basis. So if your are looking for an efficient solution, then sign up today for our highly-rated leasing service. 

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With our vast property management experience and our highly-rated leasing service we attract and retain the best tenants. Register today to learn how to maximize your profits.

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If we don't find you a  tenant in 30 days, we will do it for free. 



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